Ashley Mizuki Robbins


Ashley Mizuki Robbins 1 AC

Ashley ACR

Ashley's Design in Another Code: Two Memories & Another Code: R.
Age 13-14 (Two Memories)
16 (Another Code: R)
Birthdate The player's birthdate, 1991 (Two Memories)
February 25, 1991 (Another Code: R)
Sex Female
Home United States
Job Student

Ashley Mizuki Robbins (アシュレイ・ミズキ・ロビンズ, surname sometimes spelled Robins), called Ash by her friends, is the protagonist of the Another Code series. She was born in 1991 on a date decided by the player's birthdate is. She is the daughter of two scientists, Richard and Sayoko Robbins. She is an only child. The Another Code games center on her, as she tries shed light on mysteries surrounding the past. During her journey, she gets to meet and help other people, such as Daniel Edward and Matthew Crusoe.


When she was three years old, a man named Bill Edward murdered her mother, Sayoko who previously stopped her work at the Another project and the memory research in favor of her family. Afterwards, Ashley's father gave his daughter to his sister, Jessica Robbins who raised Ashley. He wanted to continue the work on the Another in order to read Ashley's memories, so that he could discover who murdered Sayoko. Two days before her fourteenth birthday, Ashley received a package with an invitation from her father whom she believed to be dead. He wanted to celebrate his daughter's birthday on Blood Edward Island.


Another Code: Two MemoriesEdit

In Another Code: Two Memories, a day before her 14th birthday, Ashley receives a letter from her father, who she believed was dead, accompanied with a device called Dual Another System (DAS). He invites her to the Blood Edward Island, where the two can finally be reunited. Ashley goes to the island, but with her father nowhere to be found, she eagerly wanders around trying to find him. She meets a ghost named "D", and together they try to solve the mysteries behind "D"'s past, and Ashley's parents.

Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost MemoriesEdit

In the sequel, Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories, two years after the events of Two Memories, the now 16-year-old Ashley visits Lake Juliet to camp with her father, after getting invitation from him. As she gets there, she soon finds out that she once visited the place with her mother. Ashley gets to meet with Matthew, a young boy looking for his father, whom she promises to help. The two are set to answer questions about Ashley's late mother and the disappearance of Matt's father.


Ashley is a honest, sensitive, sincere tomboy and a emotional teenage girl, but has incredible strength of heart. She is very well mannered (most of the time) and makes friends easily.

Artwork & ScreenshotsEdit

Another Code: Two MemoriesEdit

Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost MemoriesEdit


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