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Welcome to Cing wiki!

A wiki about the Another Code and Kyle Hyde Saga series, as well as other games developed by Cing!

Featured ArticleEdit

Daniel Edward (ダニエル・エドワード), nicknamed D (ディー), is one of the main characters in Another Code: Two Memories. He was the son of Thomas Edward and Jane (née White). Daniel died as a young boy in 1948, during a series of tragic events in the Edward family. Without any memories, he wanders in Blood Edward Island as a ghost for decades, when he finally meets Ashley, a teenage girl who is able to see him. He becomes her friend and she promises to help him remember his life, so that he can finally find his peace. (more...)


  • Chase: Cold Case Investigations - Distant Memories was released internationally in October 13th, 2016 on the Nintendo eShop.
  • It was announced in March 2016 that former Cing staff, including director Taisuke Kanasaki, would regroup under Arc System Works to create a new game named Chase: Cold Case Investigations for Nintendo 3DS. The game is meant to succeed the Kyle Hyde series and will be release in May 11th, 2016 in Japan.
  • It is unknown what will happen to the people who work for Cing will be doing now at the moment. These people making or joining another company is yet to be seen.
  • Developer Cing filed for bankruptcy on March 1st, 2010.

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