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Kyle Hyde HD

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Kyle Hyde's Design in Hotel Dusk: Room 215 & Last Window: Secret of Cape West
Age 34
Birthdate 1946
Sex Male
Home Los Angeles, California
Job Detective (formerly)
Red Crown Salesman

Kyle Hyde (カイル・ハイド) is the protagonist of the Kyle Hyde Saga. In the games, he appears as a bitter ex-detective who works as a salesman for the company, Red Crown. Kyle comes across numerous mysteries that turn out to have connections to incidents of his own interest in most cases. Solving them requires the otherwise not as sociable man to investigate the lives of various people.


Kyle Hyde was born in Los Angeles as the son of Chris and Jeanie Hyde. His father, Chris, a safe-cracker was killed when Kyle was nine years old. Afterwards, Jeanie and her son went to New York. In 1968, Kyle became a member of the New York City Police Department. In 1976, Kyle and his partner and friend Brian Bradley were investigating the criminal organization, Nile. When Kyle learned that Bradley was betraying the police department to Nile, he confronted Bradley at the docks and shot him. Right after that, Kyle quit the police force and moved to Los Angeles. There the ex-detective was employed as a salesman by the company Red Crown. However, Kyle was sure that Bradley survived, and so he didn't stop to track down his former partner.


Hotel Dusk: Room 215Edit

During the events of Hotel Dusk: Room 215, which take place on December 28, 1979, the boss of Red Crown, Ed Vincent, orders Kyle to drive to the Hotel Dusk, where he has to receive a package with the instructions. In the hotel, Kyle meets many people that confront him with their own stories, and at the end he finds out the reason behind Bradley's act. It turns out that Bradley's sister Mila was taken hostage by the criminal organization Nile. As they threatened to kill Mila, Bradley followed Nile's instructions. However, they murdered Mila nonetheless.

Last Window: The Secret of Cape WestEdit

In Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, Kyle gets fired from Red Crown on December 18, 1980. He returns to the Cape West apartment building where he lives. There he finds a mysterious letter that tells him to find the Scarlet Star. During the course of the game, Kyle solves the mysteries behind his father's death. It is currently unknown what happens to Kyle after the events of Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. There is a possibly that there will be a third Kyle Hyde game according to one the people who developed the game but, it is unknown how it will happen in the future. Because of the issue with Cing being bankrupt.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kyle wears a "Red Crown" jacket, along with a white t-shirt and a black tie. Kyle has brown hair and a beard. Players can be easily fooled that he has blonde hair because in gameplay sections, Kyle looks like he has bright hair. They did fix the confusion in the sequel, Last Window: Secret of Cape West. He has brown hair during gameplay sections this time.


Kyle is often very sarcastic and impatient when it comes to listening to people's problems. He doesn't really like kids very much. He also has a destructive behavior.


  • He likes Jazz music and during his youth he dreamed of becoming a sax player, before an accident made it impossible.
  • He likes his coffee black, with two pieces of sugar.
  • He has a soft spot.
  • Unlike the other people in Hotel Dusk that Kyle had problems with, Mila is the one he likes the most out of all the them. It makes sense cause she's the silent type for the majority of the game and he doesn't like very talkative people like Martin Summer.