Richard Robbins


Richard ACR
Richard's Design in Another Code: R
Age 41 (Another Code: Two Memories)
43 (Another Code: R)
Birthdate Unknown
Sex Male
Home United States
Job Scientist

Richard Robbins (リチャード・ロビンズ) is Ashley's father and Sayoko's husband. He, along with Sayoko herself, worked on the Another. After Sayoko's murder, he spent eleven years away from Ashley, continuing the work on Another, after finally reuniting with her on her fourteenth birthday. He now works at JC Valley on Lake Juliet in Another Code: R. He left Ashley with his sister, Jessica sometime after Sayoko was killed.


Richard is a socially awkward person. When he says something, he stutters and mumbles to himself and makes strange gestures and movements. But, can be straight forward and to the point when something is serious.


After his parents passed away in a plane crash. He wants to avenge them, mostly his father because he wanted to connect with him on some level when he grew up. After Sayoko died, he spots Bill in the graveyard when he saw him, he had a bouquet of flowers on his hand and had stern look on his face, he soon realizes that Bill fell in love with her too. In the cave at The Edward's Mansion, Bill says that he was heartbroken and he wanted to kill her, feeling like he was betrayed after begging her to continue working on Another but she ignored him and was with Richard more often. She didn't want anything to do with Bill and that eventually led to her death.